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Witnesses Take Down An Elderly Woman's Attacker

Strangers acted as heroes Sunday morning when they witnessed an attack to an elderly woman in Binghamton.

According to Binghamton police, a female suspect assaulted an elderly woman by knocking her to the ground and taking her purse.

When bystanders in the area saw this, they went after the attacker and took her down.

"It showed a joint effort on everyone's part that they want this to be a safe community. And, you know, have our senior citizens, as well as everybody, feel safe to walk the street or go into the grocery store. I think it's sad to be going into a grocery store and be assaulted by an individual," said Binghamton resident Carol Ryan.

The assault occurred outside of the CVS on Pennsylvania Avenue in Binghamton around 10 a.m. Sunday morning.

The suspect was taken into custody. Police are still investigating the incident.