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Local Group Travels to see the Pope in Philadelphia

Pope Francis landed in Philadelphia Saturday and a couple of Binghamton's own are traveling down early Sunday morning in hopes to get a glimpse of the most popular man in America right now.

The Pope's first trip to the United States has millions of Americans glued to their TV screens to see him, but members of Binghamton's Crusaders and Knights of Mary Immaculate group opted out of just watching him on TV and decided that they were going to see him in person.

"To get a chance to see the Vicar of Christ on Earth. the Holy Father, Pope Francis, I mean especially for the youth, their adrenaline level is going to go through the roof. They've never been to an event, I've never been to an event, with a million people; that in and of itself is overwhelming," said Leader of Crusaders and Knights of Mary Immaculate Rocco Fortunato.

The group will leave Sunday morning at 4:30 a.m. to see the pope at the at outdoor mass in Philly.