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Local Meteorologist Fight Wildfires To Save Lives

We've been having beautiful weather here in the Southern Tier but some parts of the country have not been as fortunate.

Wildfires have ripped through the west these past few months and the National Weather Service in Binghamton has been helping to fight it.

Incident Meteorologist Mark Pellerito recently spent time in Idaho to help predict winds patterns, and other other measures that help keep the flames from taking the lives.

"In the case of the firefighters, I am not the boots on the ground but I am doing everything I can to help them get home to their family to prevent them from being injured... to prevent the unexpected from happening. It's a deeply satisfying job." said Lead Meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Binghamton, Mark Pellerito.

Pellerito said that when at the wildfires, the team sets up tents close to the fire so that they can better predict how to keep it out of harms way.

By looking at wind patterns, level of moisture in plants along the path of the fire and other measures, the incident meteorologist are able to help contain the fires and prevent them from spreading and causing more damage.