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Rep. Richard Hanna Speaks On The Resignation Of Speaker John Boehner

Fox 40 spoke with the Congressman representing much of our area, Richard Hanna, about this announcement. Hanna tells us that he believes Boehner was tired and perhaps at the end of his rope. We asked Hanna if we can expect much fallout over this move in the Southern Tier.

Rep. Richard Hanna says, "I think that, well we do our job everyday. We are real serious about it. We get a lot done. All of congress in general does not. You know it's been a tumultuous two years. I do not look forward to this process going forward. I don't know who the far far right will put up. The other candidate, that person will not be successful."

An interesting note here, Congressman Hanna informed us that a nominee for House Speaker does not have to be a member of the U.S. House.