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Army Brings STEM to Vestal HS

Army recruiters visited vestal high school this morning. But they weren't talking about shells and tanks, they were talking about science and technology.
The mobile recruitment exhibit had recruiters on hand, talking to students about the high-tech and hands-on opportunities the military has to offer. These also coincide with programs vestal high offers, including 3D printing and computer science. "We have a strong steam program here in vestal and having the army come what it does is help our students to see the real life application of steam in the real world." - Clifford Casson, Assistant Principal of Vestal High School
"Instead of just an individual going to college and learning about something, a soldiers gonna definitely have the knowledge and actual hands on, on the job training with everything. - Sergeant Benjamin Hounder. The mobile army recruitment exhibit featured mission, situation, research and development rooms.