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Broome County steroid bust

By Emily Girsch.
Four suspects were arraigned in court this afternoon for allegedly operating steroid labs out of two homes in the region. The suspects were arrested early this morning around 6 a.m. where both police officials and federal agents were on the scene.

The four men plead not guilty this afternoon to federal charges in a Broome County steroid bust.

Early this morning, two homes in the Binghamton area were raided by police for allegedly containing steroid labs.

A grand jury indicted the suspects for possession with intent to distribute and for conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Student residents in the neighborhood say they're concerned by the news.

BU sophomore Mikayala Marshall said, "I really don't feel comfortable at all. There are children who live on this block. It's not cool having drugs around and stuff."

If found guilty of both counts, the maximum penalty for the charges includes 20 years in prison and a 500 thousand dollar fine.