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Group Builds New Room For Teen Brain Cancer Victim

A 13-year-old Endicott girl battling brain cancer comes home to a new room built specially for her, thanks to one nonprofit dedicated to helping her heal.

By finding out a child's interests, "A Room to Heal" customizes the rooms of children coming home from the hospital. Because Kalonie told them she wanted an "under the sea" theme, they put a light-up jellyfish above her bed. Seeing it for the first time today, she was ecstatic.

"I'm really happy that I got a new room and I think I'm gonna like it in here, and I'm really thankful to everyone that did it for me." - Kalonie Bailey, cancer patient.

"When we get to know these families and these kids, you really become attached to everyone. and everyone is different, you're dealing with different things but they're all so special and they become part of our room to heal family." - Linda Snyder, Executive Director of Room to Heal.

A Room to Heal also put Himalayan Salt on Kalonie's ceiling, which is supposed to have holistic properties when inhaled.