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Candidates for District Attorney Outline plans to combat Heroin Epidemic

How to deal with the area's heroin epidemic has once again become an issue in local politics - this time in the race for Broome County District Attorney.
Republican candidate Steve Cornwell says cars seized by Broome County, some dating back 15 years, sit in the former army depot in Fenton, but the county has yet to file the repossession paperwork on them. Cornwell claims they could be sold to fund addiction treatment programs. but, incumbent Democrat Gerald Mollen says some of those cars are used as undercover vehicles, and some aren't worth selling. He says a different approach is needed. "If you have an aggressive asset forfeiture program, and I've spoken to all the law enforcement agencies and they said if you have an asset forfeiture program that's aggressive, we will take more cars, and then we can use the revenue from those cars towards drug treatment programs." - Steve Cornwell, Republican candidate for district attorney
"We are engaged in an all fronts effort to reduce addiction, provide treatment, and certainly the funds that go to the office of alcohol and substance abuse which is where the only forfeited funds, which is only a small percentage of forfeited money goes to a state agency which then provides treatment." - Gerald Mollen, Broome County Disrtrict attorney.
Mollen says he has teamed with Nassau county district attorney Madeline Singas to propose a bill to the New York State legislature to make changes to the state's penal law, including holding heroin dealers accountable for the deaths their product causes.