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Famous Pilot talks Career Opprotunities to Chenango Forks Students

Students from Chenango Forks High School filled the auditorium this morning, listening to a message about what their future's could look like. The high school hosted Captain Barrington Irving, the first African American pilot to circumnavigate the globe in a single person aircraft. His message was to encourage student's to pursue the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, also known as STEM.
"This is more than just a theory on a piece of paper. These fields are innovative, and they need talent as well as they want to be able to enhance life for everyone through innovations." - Barrington Irving
One student in particular, Matthew Starr, is currently pursuing his pilot's license, already having almost 20 hours of flying time under his belt. He found Irving's message resonated with him in particular. "it's just another motivation to keep me going in my career as a pilot. I've taken the airplane up by myself, i know what the feeling is like. It's absolute freedom." - Matthew Starr
Captain Irving also recounted his experience in the field, showing and describing research that he had done in addition to his flights around the world. He described his time in Israel when he took a camera pill to map the inside of his intestinal tract, explaining how it could be used to identify stomach ulcers. Irving also showed a video of his time in Palau studying the evolutionary history of sea snakes and their venom potency.
Chenango Forks already has a great interest in guiding their students into these kinds of fields. Their STEAM Academy stands as an example, remarked Superintendent Lloyd Peck. "To peak their interest, we could have more students look at this field, this up and coming, very lucrative field that students can go into and it plays right into our STEAM Academy and the future of Chenango Forks and what we're trying to do." - Superintendent Lloyd Peck
- Alex Howard