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A Stair Climb Memorializes Lives Lost During 9/11

Sunday, firefighters and civilians came together to take on flights of stairs in the 5th annual 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb; all to remember the lives lost on that day.

Almost 200 people came out to climb a combined 110 stories of stairs each in Binghamton's State Office Building today.

Each participant wore a badge as they climbed, each representing FDNY firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. Organizers of the event say each step climbed symbolizes a commitment to keeping the fallen firefighters and all victims alive in their memories.

“We’re remembering the 343 we lost in 9/11, but not only them, but all that lost their lives to the tragic events on 9/11/2001, 14 years ago. And to always remember, and never forget,” said organizer of Binghamton 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb Chris Mallery.

Some who participated came from miles away to pay their respect. Hornell firefighters drove more than 100 miles to show their support. A trip they say was well worth it.

“The brotherhood, the bond between firefighters and the fire services, is unbelievable. We don’t want to see anybody get hurt. You know what the risks are with the job, but no one can ever appreciate enough what they did that day. And things like this, the stair climb, to be able to remember them and to pay tribute to those guys, is indescribable,” said Hornell Firefighter Frank Brzozowki.

Organizers note that each year the event has a larger turnout than the year before. And they hope the numbers keep climbing.