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Fox 40 Kicks Off Football Season, Giants Lose

This afternoon, while fans gathered at the Krowbar and Grill in Endicott to watch the New York Giants take on the Atlanta Falcons, they were joined by some fellow football fans and news personalities.

Fox 40's Faith Jessie and Sports Director Jeremy Donovan, along with Fox 40 staff, were at the bar for the Fox Season Kick-off Party. During commercial breaks, fans even had the chance to win a variety of prizes.

"This year's probably been one of the better year's that we've had. We did this last year, twice, and hope to be doing it again here in January. And the turnout, I just couldn't be more happy with," said Owner of the Krowbar and Grill Stan Krowiak.

While the Falcons might have won, one lucky fan took home the grand prize of custom golf irons from Greater Golf at the end of the game.