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A New Marathon in Binghamton Gets Off to a Running Start

The inaugural Dick's Greater Binghamton Marathon kicked off with a running start.

Bright and early this morning, more than 65 runners laced up their running shoes to take on terrains along the Susquehanna River, cruising through the Vestal Rail Trail and going all the way to the Town of Owego. At 26-point-two miles, the USA Track and Field certified race was also a Boston qualifier and, for some runners, it was an opportunity to test their limits.

"I'm just hoping to finish. This is my first marathon. So a finish would be great, anything else would be spectacular," said participant from Ithaca, NY, Matt Kukurugya.

"This is a huge accomplishment. In the United States, there's 1% of people that complete a marathon. So this right here, completing a marathon, is huge. It's life changing. It's a bucket list item, as well as something that if they're not a pro-athlete to do," said Race Director William Safarik.

If you'd like to try running a marathon, you can start preparing now. Next year's race will be September 18th and sign ups began today.