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Animal Adventure Has a New, and Long-Necked, Addition

Visitors to Animal Adventure in Harpersville, were in for a treat today. The park introduced its newest member to its animal family, a 16-foot-tall giraffe named April.

The 13-year-old female giraffe was unveiled this afternoon in the animal adventure park's Blueox Energy Giraffe Barn.

April was a bit shy today, but Animal Adventure owner Jordan Patch says that she is warming up to her potential giraffe mate, Oliver.

"Oliver and April are getting along very well. And, in fact, being an adult female she is currently in heat. And Oliver, being a young male, is taking a special interest in her at this time," said Animal Adventure Owner Jordan Patch.

He added, "It would be amazing for a park here in New York State, in our 3rd or 4th season to be able to produce baby giraffes would be remarkable. And something that does not happen very often here in captivity."

April is originally from the Catskill Game Farm.