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Major Meth Bust in Endicott and More on an Interesting Idea to Fund Heroin Treatment

Endicott police have alerted fox 40 to a major meth lab bust in their area. The bust happened this afternoon and we will have more on it tomorrow. This is perhaps one more reason public interest is surrounding an idea to fund treatment of drug addiction in Broome county.

A decision to fund heroin treatment with revenue from medical marijuana remains on hold today. A 4-1 vote by the Broome County legislature tabled the proposal at yesterday's hearing due to concerns of fund disbursement.
Broome County legislator Jason Garner who sponsored the proposed resolution says the decision to table issue was a disappointing one due to the state of the public health emergency.

"It was probably the most disappointing vote I've seen in my 8/12 years on the legislature, Broome County is in the middle of a public health emergency, 39 people died of heroin overdoses last year and the reason why is that people want to get help when they're addicted to heroin and they can't" said minority leader of the Broome County legislature, Jason Garner.

As part of the proposed budget, $100,000 of the projected $850,000 in tax revenue from medical marijuana sales was allocated to the department of social services. But members of the legislature want to know what specific programs this money would go to before signing off on the bill.