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Concerned Citizen Looks To Clean Up A Building In Endicott

A once bustling factory in Endicott has been left to rot. Now one concerned citizen says the building needs to go.

The abandoned Endicott Johnson shoe factory on Page Avenue in Endicott has been vacant for over two decades and has been the source of numerous complaints as well as Village code violations. An Endicott resident says enough is enough, stating that vandalism and contamination make the building a hazard and an eyesore.

"We've got to get rid of that building. For the safety of the children and everybody else, and it's contaminated and everybody knows about it. But they said, where will we get the money?" say Paul Leo Gonzalez, Endicott resident.

While the property is currently fenced off and boarded up, there are no plans from local officials to demolish or re-purpose the site.