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Public Hearing for Tioga Downs Casino License Application

An interested and enthused audience filled the Suny Broome gymnasium today for public comments on the Tioga Downs application for a casino license.
The gaming commission issued three licenses late last year. But after public outcry and pressure from Governor Andrew Cuomo, the group reconsidered the idea of a fourth license for the southern tier. Today's hearing had what was described as unprecedented backing.
"Well its great. I doubt if any other casino applicants have ever gotten this kind of support and we're halfway through and so far no one has come to complain or oppose it. I think that's probably a first." - Jeff Gural, Owner of Tioga Downs
" You've heard everybody talking about all the things he's done for the community, its a good plan, it will bring in people, he has always done things for the employees also." - Amy Schmohl, Tioga Downs Employee
This comes after Tioga Downs owner Jeff Gural donated almost $300,000 to Tioga Central School District for extracurricular activities.