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Efforts to Fund Heroin Treatment with Marijuana Revenue Tabled

An idea to fund heroin treatment in Broome County is on hold!

Earlier Broome County legislators discussed an idea to fund heroin treatment in the county with revenues from medical Marijuana. The resolution was to be considered by the full legislature at its monthly meeting on September 24th.

Today the committee members tabled the discussion until further notice, due to concerns of fund disbursement.

Nicole Coleman, concerned resident says, "Marijuana has never left an entire population of orphans in Broome County. I'm personally taking care of two children that are victims of heroin abuse. If someone is to say that marijuana is a drug, a plausible reason to say that one could make good of something negative would be to use this revenue to try to help another 'addiction.'"

An online petition to urge members of the County Legislature to pass this resolution have had over 800 signatures.

Officials say that Broome County heroin addicts cannot get help in the county.
This idea is believed to be a way to provide treatment facilities funding and perhaps save lives.