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NYSEG Grant for Upstate Shredding

By Fox 40 Staff.
NYSEG delivered it's second installment of a more than $130,000 grant to Upstate Shredding in Owego.

The money is for electricityinfrastructure upgrades at the facility. Earlier this year, the company installed a new $1.7 million, 9,000- horsepower motor to its mega shredder.

The motor was part of a $3 million project that has allowed the company to add jobs, increase production by 30 percent and increase annual sales by $10 million.

"Bringing in new transformers, new motors, new cabling, being able to let us use the kind of power we need for this facility. A lot of it is for upgrades and new construction," said Adam Weitsman, CEO of Upstate Shredding.

This grant is in addition to another award the company received from NYSEG in 2013, almost $360,000 for electricity infrastructure upgrades for the company’s wire chopping plant.