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Akshar Releases Heroin-Fighting Plan

By Jason Weinstein.
Republican State Senate candidate Fred Akshar says he has a plan to fight the heroin epidemic.

Saying we can't arrest our way out of the problem, Akshar wants to secure the funding needed to have more treatment beds for addicts. He also says Medicaid and insurance should pay for proven heroin-fighting treatments, and that hospitals such as UHS and Lourdes need to come to the table to find solutions to treat more addicts.

Akshar is also calling for age-appropriate heroin education in school. and he's taking aim at who he calls drug kingpins, calling for murder charges against large-scale dealers whose customers die from their product.

"We need tougher penalties for large-scale drug dealers that deal in heroin and synthetic drugs and allow for very strict murder charges for dealers who deal drugs to people who die of overdose," said Akshar.

In a statement to Fox 40 Democratic State Senate Candidate Barbara Fiala said, "I agree we cannot arrest our way out of this problem and my plan addresses this crisis comprehensively.

I believe that I am the more qualified candidate to deliver on funding for treatment and prevention programs and I am laser focused on a root cause of drug addiction, which is a lack of good jobs and economic opportunity in the Southern Tier."