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Broome County Sheriff Office Hosts Open House and Discusses Heroin Epidemic

The Broome county Sheriff's office will partner with non-profit organization, Truth Pharm and others to allow addicts to come into the Sheriff's office to receive immediate help with a heroin addiction. The addicts can also bring drugs and paraphernalia into the sheriff's office when they seek help without fear of arrest. Sheriff David Harder says, for those who seek help, the Sheriff's office will provide a quote angel to help escape their addiction.

"We are a prepared county with equipment for whatever emergency comes about. We are the lead agency in the county, we assist all the other agencies that are here and we try to be prepared for whatever emergency comes up." said Harder.

In addition to this, it is also Sheriff's week. One way Broome county is celebrating is by letting the public in for a tour of jail. They gave k-9 demonstrations and displayed several emergency vehicles outside of the office. Sheriff Harder believes it is important to have open houses at the jail because so many people hear about it in the media he wants to give people the opportunity to see the county's facilities and equipment first hand.