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Paralyzed Ex-Marine in Endicott Gets Helping Hand

By Alex Howard.
Drills, saws and hammers give this paralyzed former marine a better way to get around.

"A program like this to help somebody, is just incredible," said Kelly Lerche.

Lerche served as a corrections officer for the Marine Corps, and now lives with her husband and two dogs. She was paralyzed from the waist down after being t-boned by another driver as Lerche was pulling out of her driveway.

The injuries turned Lerche from what her daughter called an active supermom into a homebound recluse.

But thanks to volunteers from the Home Depot, she's regaining her independence.

They're building her a ramp from her front door, and letting her get out on her own, instead of relying on her husband to carry her down the steps.

"It gives me the ability to give back to someone who gave to our country." - Jay Berhel, Home Depot Department Supervisor.

"These gentlemen outside right now swinging a hammer, and volunteering to this because I felt that they needed the thanks," said Lerche

A thanks for making her independence take shape.

****In Endicott, Alex Howard, fox 40 HD news****