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Owego Couple Elevates Historic Home

By Fox 40 News.
A pair of Owego homeowners are doing more than just raising the roof. they are raising their entire home.

This to better protect it from future floods. Julie Nucci and Jim Overhiser are lifting their home four feet after three and a half feet of water flooded the home in 2011. The home at 260 Main Street is one of 34 homes in Owego scheduled to be elevated, and is the first home in New York on the National Historic Registry to be lifted. The new elevation will help the homeowners sleep more easily.

"We watch the river anytime we walk the dog," said Overhiser.

"The river flood map is bookmarked so when the river comes up and it starts raining we're look at where the height is," said Nucci.

Nucci and Overhiser hope to be back in their home around Thanksgiving. A federal grant will pay for 75 percent of the project.