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Stoughton Corn Maze returns for 11th year with new design

"The MAiZE" at Stoughton Farm in Newark Valley is a maze carved into an 8-acre cornfield.

"It takes a couple of weeks to make the actual maze, it probably takes longer than that to figure out just how you want to lay it out and we flag out the rows so we know where we are in the cornfield and we go in and actually take the corn out," said Tim Stoughton, owner of the Stoughton Farm.

Stoughton's maze also showcases dozen of family photo opportunities and it takes the average visitor more than one hour to discover the puzzle's exit.

"We've got quite a few people on board here to help us get ready because it is a lot of work to get ready. Not just the physical maze part but all the other activities we do," said Stoughton.

The theme for this years design has a focus on bullying.

"I just know what bullying is out there and with the social media today, it doesn't end when a kid gets off the bus and I think it's really important for parents to understand that and be dilligent and keep an eye out and try to stop this," said Stoughton.

This maze has been divided into two phases and attracts a lot of families to the farm which provides a lot of business in and out of the farm.

"We are just a small family farm trying to add something to remain viable and I think we offer a unique fall activity that you won't find all year long, said Stoughton.

The maze will be open September 19th - November 1st from 9 am - 6 pm Monday through Saturday with Sunday hours being 9 am - 5 pm.

The "Night MAiZE" from October 2nd - 31st is on Friday's and Saturday's up until 10 pm.

Admission for Ages 10 and up is 9 dollars, Ages 4-9 is 6 dollars, and Children under the age of 3 go in for Free.