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The Importance of Governor Cuomo's Fake ID Crackdown

Governor Andrew Cuomo has sent out the results of a statewide effort to crackdown on underage drinking and fake IDs.
This crackdown took place at, where else? Summer concerts in New York.

The end result is 133 arrests made with 63 false identity documents confiscated.
The operation is part of continued efforts to curb underage drinking. We spoke with Max Bluestein of Coalition for a Secure Driver's License/Keeping IDentities Safe out of Washington, DC and asked about the importance of these crackdowns.

Max Bluestein of CSDL says, "Fake IDs are used for so much more than underage drinking. Underage drinking is a big problem and we want to keep IDs out of the hands of people trying to obtain alcoholic beverages when they're underage because it contributes to all sorts of public safety risks. There's so much more they're used than underage drinking. Criminals and identity thieves manipulate the Identity document process and open bank accounts in someone else's name."

Bluestein also says that few governors are taking the fake ID isse as seriously as Governor Cuomo and that more state leaders should follow suit.