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Donation Helps Save Tioga Central School District's Extracurricular Activities

Tioga Central School District will save its extracurricular programs, this due to a donation of almost $300,000 by Tioga Downs owner Jeff Gural.

The $295,000 donation supports Tioga Central schools after school sports and academic programs were faced with cutbacks. Gural and Tioga Downs also granted a donation of $22,000 to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier and $83,000 to Southern Tier Veterans Support Group. The money comes from profits out of the casino's summer concert ticket sales, as well as Gural's own personal donations.

"We're going to maintain all those programs that we had in the last school year and without that donation, that would have been very difficult to do," said Scot Taylor, Superintendent of Tioga Central School District.

Gural says he'll match his donation to Tioga Central schools for the next five years.