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Lives Lost to Heroin Remembered at Candlelight Vigil

Community members gathered at Tabernacle United Methodist Church in Binghamton to remember lives lost to heroin.

I'm Dope Without Dope and the Addiction Center of Broome County came together to host a Community Candlelight Vigil inviting people to remember loved ones and share stories of their relationship with heroin and how it has affected their lives.

A candle lighting was held at the end of the service with a moment of silence.

"There seems to be a lot of stigma with heroin. And we're just trying to eliminate that stigma and educate people so there's no stereotypes about heroin because a lot of good people people are falling victim to heroin and opioid. And we just want to show people that heroin has no face," said Co-Founder, I'm Dope Without Dope Jeremiah Harvey.

After the service, those who attended were invited to look at collages and pictures of those who lost their lives to the drug.