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Port Crane Fire Department Dedicates New Equipment

The Port Crane Fire Department held a ceremony to dedicate some of the station's newest resources.

Port crane now has new Ajax air chisels to assist in motor vehicle accidents, thermal imaging cameras for sight in fires, an EMS 2015 Chevy Tahoe and a new pumper tanker. The chisels and cameras were purchased with a generous donation from a local family. The pumper tanker has been dedicated to Earl Drury, who has spent the past two decades at the station and has served in the fire emergency services for over 60 years.

"It's the highest award I've ever received. I was humiliated, I was flabbergasted. And the only thing I could say was thank you," said Port Crane Fire Co. Safety Officer Earl Drury.

"His contributions, and his mentorship to us, and his leadership has been tremendous," said Port Crane Fire Chief Tom Sheridan.

Fire officials say that these purchases will not affect the tax dollars of any Port Crane residents.