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Beer Lovers Enjoy Binghamton's Brewfest

Beer lovers traveled to the Arena in Downtown Binghamton to taste test all different types of drinks for Brewfest.

With more than 60 vendors and over 120 options to sample -- including wines and hard ciders -- the 2nd annual Brewfest had something for everyone. 26 of the more than 50 breweries involved in Saturday's event were from New York State.

Organizer Jordan Patch says separating the event into two sessions this year eased up congestion on the arena floor.

"We get to highlight our local brewers in our own hometown and also those new New York State brewers that may not be picked up by a distributor yet, but are out there and waiting for you to discover them. They're able to come here, showcase their product and build their clientele. It's a residual win-win for everyone involved," said Brewfest Organizer Jordan Patch.

"When you first walk in, your first impression is like, 'Wow, this is a great turnout, I didn't expect this," said Binghamton Resident Dan Maximowicz

If you missed it this year, Patch says Brewfest will be back again next year. More details will be released in January.