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Senate Candidates Spar Over Heroin Issues

New remarks from State Senate 52nd District hopeful, Republican Fred Akshar, regarding his opponent's jab at his law enforcement career and his ability to address the ongoing heroin epidemic.

Democratic candidate Barbara Fiala compared her record in public service to Akshar. She says that while Akshar is touting his experience as an undercover narcotics officer, he is not being frank about how serious a problem heroin is in our area.

"I'll compare my résumé with his, I've had more success because crime is high here, and the heroin is in an epidemic, so come on Fred. I want to say, will the real Fred please stand up? And we're not seeing that right now," said Fiala.

"The heroin is very big, it's an epidemic. And what has to happen is, we're looking at things not from a law enforcement perspective, but bringing community members together, that's what's most important. Law enforcement can't solve this problem alone and we have a very good history of bringing people to the table," said Akshar.

In a statement to Fox 40 Fiala said, "Senators aren't responsible for making arrests - they're responsible for proposing and passing legislation. Akshar is campaigning on his law enforcement record while saying nothing about what policies he would pursue to address the heroin epidemic or any other issues facing the Southern Tier for that matter." Friday the area's largest public union, CSEA, announced its endorsement of Akshar.