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County Executive Discusses the County Budget

Thursday night County Executive Debbie Preston delivered her 2016 Budget Address to a crowded legislative chamber.

Preston announced a 2.2 percent tax increase in Broome which totals an estimated three dollar yearly increase. Preston said money will go toward improvements to Willow Point Nursing Home as well as the BC Transit program.

The County Executive says one of the toughest decisions in this year's budget is turning over the Central Foods department, a group which serves food to county operated facilities, to an outside source. She says this change would cut 76 jobs but bring an estimated re-occurring savings of 1.6 billion dollars per year.

Broome County Executive, Debbie Preston said, "A lot of it I feel really good about and Central Foods was a tough decision so I'm not going to say I feel good about that because I don't. But it was a decision that had to be made and sometimes you have to make the tough decisions."

Senior Food Handler at Broome County Jail Food Service, Joseph Pizzuti said, "I just want a fair share, you know what I mean? By doing this and keeping us in the dark, that's not a fair share. We work hard, everybody there works hard. There's so many dedicated people, they don't even know."

Preston says the new company will provide interviews for all the central food employees who will be laid off.

The County Legislature has until November 15th to submit any changes to the budget proposal.