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A Grass Roots Organization is Fighting the Suicide Epidemic

It is national suicide prevention day.

According to the world health organization, around 3,000 people commit suicide a day.

A grass roots organization called STOP met in Great Bend, Pennsylvania tonight to bring attention to the suicide epidemic.
The event brought out those whose have been impacted by suicide some way in their lives. Attendees believe education on this issue is a must.

Melinda Holbrook said, "It's not just teens, it's not just one demographic, everybody has a problem with it and people need to know that there's people that care about them out here and having a meeting like this is important because it lets people know that there is a way to get help, there is somebody that is going to listen to you."

According to save.org, only half of Americans experiencing an episode of major depression-- seek treatment. Organizations like STOP are hoping to decrease this number by increasing support services.