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A Few Burglaries at the Johnson City Wal-Mart And More in Your Crime Wrap

Three people of different age ranges have been cuffed by Delaware County Sheriffs for allegedly growing marijuana.

47-year-old Michael D. Spencer, 39-year-old Toni Spencer and 18-year-old Bradley Jackson were arrested in Town of Walton. This after authorities found a room in their residence used for the growing of marijuana.

They have been charged with criminal possession of marijuana and unlicensed cultivation of cannabis.

Johnson City Police have made three arrests in recent days for theft at the local Wal-Mart. One suspect was located just over the Binghamton city line with a garbage bag filled with stolen items.

Chenango County Sheriffs have arrested two men from Town of Gilbertsville. This comes after a traffic stop in Norwich uncovered heroin and other drugs.

And Delaware County Sheriffs are investigating a late august hit and run the resulted in the closure of Corbett Bridge in the Town of Colchester. An investigation into damage of the bridge showed that it had been hit by an automobile, maybe a tractor trailer or box truck.