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Tioga Downs Makes Its Pitch to the State

By Fox 40 Staff.
The owner of Tioga Downs made his pitch in New York City in front of the State Gaming Board for a casino license.

Jeff Gural answered questions regarding his second bid for a license. Tioga Downs lost out to Lago resorts last year, but the bidding was re-opened for the Southern Tier and Tioga Downs is the only contender for a license.

Gural says his second bid is stronger since he increased the size of the hotel and added more equity to the project.

"I made it clear that if needed I would put more equity in but I didn't think there was more equity needed. They had a good question about if something were to happen to me is there someone who could take over and run it so we were able to address those issues," said Gural.

There will be a public hearing on Tioga Downs' proposal at SUNY Broome on Friday, September 18th.