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Controversy On Where A Local Legislature Lives

Despite a push for him to resign now, Garnar says he will resign from his seat at the end of this month.

In June, Garnar bought a house at 756 Chenango Street which is about a mile out of his district. Garnar says he still owns and maintains residency at his old house at 564 Chenango Street.

GOP Chairman Bijoy Datta wants Garnar to resign immediately. This would put his seat up for grabs in the November election. The deadline for parties to announce candidates is September 15th. If Garnar waits until the end of the month, Democrats would get to appoint his replacement and keep the14th district until the 2016 election.

Garnar says he did not time his resignation to help his party, he just wants to carry out legislation he has sponsored. Datta argues that people of the 14th district should be the ones to decide who is representing them.