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Mercy House of the Southern Tier breaks ground at St. Casmir

Excitement filled the air in St. Casmir Church as Mercy House of the Southern Tier announced its hospice facility will have an approach that is different than most.
"What we're gonna do differently is we're gonna surround the dying person with somebody 24/7, we have already over 300 volunteers who are willing to assist us and these volunteers will sit and hold their hand and just pray with them in their final days." - (Antony Paniccia, President of Mercy House)
The group's contributions from the community averaged $34,000 a month. It had a $250,000 gap loan from Visions Federal Credit Union and a 250,000 dollar Grant from the state assembly secured by Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo. Mercy House is hoping to finish renovations by January, and take in patients by February. "I have my own personal experience with it when I lost my mother a couple of years ago, hospice was so important to our family and when I learned about this project I just knew that I wanted to try and help." - *Donna Lupardo With Hospice at Lourdes providing comfort and pain management services, residents will receive 24 hour care from 6-8 paid full time staff , home cooked meals and open visiting hours from family and friends. Sister Joanna Monticello looks forward to treating Mercy House's patients with grace, faith and dignity.
"It's a blessing to work with those who are ill, especially those who are on their last journey on earth, and it's not an end, but you're helping them move towards eternity, which is a new beginning for all of us."
Mercy House has not yet achieved its financial goals. *But* community support has helped it raise 60% of its needs, with 3 major fundraising events planned for the coming year. If you would like to help Mercy Hosue, visit its website mercyhousesouthertier.com. The total amount raised between government grants, the loan from Visions Federal Credit Union and Community Donations is 1.2 Million.