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Endicott Schools Are Ready To Help Students in the New School Year

School is back in session, with teachers and other faculty eagerly preparing to help incoming students adjust to the new year.

While all teachers are busy preparing for upcoming changes to the common core curriculum, most notably in math and english language arts, local elementary schools such as TJ Watson Elementary in Endicott are focusing on building character.

"We are an aleveis school, which means we use that program to teach children about anti bullying and also about character, developing good character skills," says Emily Regan, Principal of TJ Watson Elementary.

"Always I think the desire is to have the best possible year, we know that it requires more than just being academically prepared, it requires everyone being comfortable where they are," says Roxy Oberg, Principal at Binghamton High School.

Oberg also said her teachers are preparing for higher Common Core standards in the subjects of math and English language arts.