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Binghamton Officials Look At Mayor's Changes on Police Work

Binghamton City Council is taking up changes Mayor Rich David wants to make to the Binghamton Police Department.

At a work session this evening, Council reviewed an Executive Order David signed that will change the way officers collect data. It also calls for annual diversity training. on the heels of that order David also proposed legislation calling for the purchase of 90 body cameras for Binghamton officers. At the work session, a Councilwoman asked how the executive order differs from current policy.

The Mayor's ideas are unpopular with those who support another idea, the Police Modernization Law.

City Councilwoman Teri Rennia said,"But to sit there and say that he will veto something without looking at a revised version I will veto anything that comes before me. I think that's not very open minded. I think that in and of itself is disrespectful and divisive to members of the community who have put so much time in."

Sean Massey of the Human Rights Commission said, "Our concern is that our executive order doesn't have the same kind of permanance that a permanence that a local law will have. It can be rescinded at anytime by the executive. A new executive could come in and rescind it."

Another concern is whether there will be anyone who could analyze the data collected from police work.