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Dealing with Back-to-School Anxiety

By Fox 40 Staff.
Sometimes heading back to school can be an anxious time for kids. But there are things parents can do to lessen that anxiety.

Experts say you should first focus on the basics. Make sure your child has enough rest and enough to eat. You should encourage your child to share their fears. Also, instead of re-assuring your children, plan ways you can solve your child's problem. Plus, pay attention to your own behavior and exude more confidence and comfort.

"Supper time is a great time if the family sits down together to play a little game. Each of us talk about what made us happy today, maybe what made us angry. It's just a chance each day to kind of check in and see where your child is at," said Dr. Michael Lavin, Psychiatrist at the Lourdes Center for Mental Health.

Other tips for parents include focusing on the positive aspects of the school day and rewarding your child for brave behavior.