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Fiala Speaks Out Against Facebook Ads

By Donnie Dwyer.
"It's what you expect when you are running against a five year old," said Barbara Fiala.

Democratic candidate Barbara Fiala feels she is getting cyberbullied on social media for false attacks on her views on giving free education to prisoners and abortion in New York State.

"These ads are lies, disgusting, and most importantly as the Press and Sun Bulletin investigation pointed out are false portrayals of my record," said Fiala.

The head of the Broome County Republican Party says his group has nothing to do with these advertisements.

"Neither the Broome GOP or Akshar campaign is behind the ads. Actually I never even heard of the ads or seen the ads until a reporter brought that up to me," said Bijoy Datta.

Datta thinks Fiala's views have been extreme and pointing out the issues in an advertisement isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"I think it's okay to point out the flaws in candidates but ultimately if I am going to make a negative ad, I am going to put my name on it," said Datta.

But on the ad seen on Stop Free Tuition for Convicts in New York State -- it says Fiala wants to give free tuition to prisoners with your tax dollars. She says the 2014 proposal hasn't been finalized so she can't make a clear decision.

"There are parts of it I support and there might be parts that I didn't support. But to say that I already support that is a lie," said Fiala.

And on the Stop Extreme Abortion in New York State page -- it states that Fiala supported holding up equal pay for women and other measures unless non-doctors were allowed to perform abortions and abortions were allowed right up until the moment of birth. and while it's true that Fiala was chair of the Women's Equality Party in July, Fiala says nothing else in the post is factual.

"I feel that's between women, her family, her God, her church, and her doctor. Barbara Fiala should not make those decisions for you," said Fiala.

We reached out to Fred Akshar for comment but he did not respond to our phone calls Tuesday.

****In Broome County, Donnie Dwyer, FOX 40 HD News****