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Looking Back at the Broome County Floods of 2011 on Their Anniversary

Today marks the anniversary of the beginning of the 2011 flood. It was the area's second catastrophic flood in five years and put us all on alert for future disasters.

Broome County officials cannot erase the memories of 2011 and other floods from their minds.

Debbie Preston, Broome County Executive says, "On the anniversary of the flood, you never forget. I've been through the '06, the '11 and I was supervisor at the time in the Town of Conklin and you never forget what has happened."

Even local officials have a tough time looking back. They too had to evacuate.

Preston says, "Geez, I lost my house. In '11 it was different because we were able to evacuate a lot sooner than in '06."

With the memories of 2011 floods fresh on our minds, are businesses worried about the damage they can do?

Well, business people we spoke with worry about floods and most importantly, they worry about their homes.

George Stepanovich, businessman says, "When you get a bigger flood, your basements and your house. You know, you never know, you might get hurt."
So what can be done to calm these fears?

Preston says, "The only thing that we can do as a community and as a government is to do everything we possibly can to make sure the people are protected."

But not everyone trusts the government these days.

Pat Hannon, businessman says, "I don't know if they'll always help you but they can always try."

However, Broome County has plans in place to protect in case of future disaster.

Preston says, "We're continuously working to make sure that the people are prepared. And we hold events throughout the year."