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Vestal Homeowner Unscathed After Car Crashes into House

By Fox 40 Staff.
A Vestal homeowner is lucky to be unscathed Monday afternoon after a car crashed into her garage.

The accident happened on Jensen Road just after four o'clock. The driver drove through the front yard, ran over a small tree and went over a set of outdoor stairs before driving through the garage. Police say the driver is lucky to be alive, though she was taken to a local hospital with non-serious injuries.

"I was on the phone in the kitchen talking to my daughter. Then I heard a loud explosion. I thought maybe lightning or something and I look and my apple tree is gone. Then my garage is gone. Then the side of the house," said homeowner Vilma Byrne.

Byrne said she just had work done on her house. but is grateful no one was seriously injured.