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BPD Could Soon Be Equipped with Body Cameras

By Fox 40 Staff.
New body cameras could be on Binghamton Police officers as soon as October. Mayor Rich David has submitted legislation that would allow the city to sign a five-year contract for 93 cameras.

The cost would be $116,000 for the first year of the contract and $85,000 for each of the remaining four. the contract includes unlimited data storage. David says the data will help illustrate a complete picture of how the Binghamton Police Department operates.

"They protect the police officers, they protect the residents and they protect the city of Binghamton as a whole. I think it really will be an eye-opening experience for residents to see exactly what these officers are confronted with on a daily basis," said David.

The cost of the software associated with the cameras is almost $20,000. City Council is expected to discuss the proposed legislation at a work session Tuesday night.