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Owego Children Help to Beautify the Center of Their Town

On Sunday Owego children spent hours helping to beautify the center of their town.

Third and fourth graders swept, sprayed and cleaned the Fireman's statue in Courthouse Square. The idea came from 8-year-old Owego resident Grayden Stanton, an avid fan of his town's history.

When his grandmother let him borrow a book about the town, he wanted to visit the fountain in person. But when he got there, he noticed it wasn't quite like the picture.

So he got the mayor's approval and called upon his friends to help restore the landmark.

"The environment's not a garbage, it's supposed to be clean," said Owego Resident Grayden Stanton.

"He's proud of his village. And, you know, you can't get anything done just sitting around and complaining. He knows you have to take action. So that's why they're here, taking action and getting something done," said Grayden's Grandmother Kelly Dennis.

The kids decided that they will donate the fountain's loose change to the town's CROP Hunger Walk on September 27th.