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Bikers Ride in Tribute to Fallen Officer

Half a dozen motorcyclists gathered outside of the Southern Tier Harley Davidson to embark on a journey to Elkland, Pennsylvania. All in memory of a fallen officer.

A weekend ride is nothing out of the ordinary for bikers. But Saturday's ride was something special.

The Broome County Patriot Guard Riders are headed to the funeral of a man they've never met.

"It's no different than any other person that's helped the country. It's all a matter of honor and respect," said Member of Patriot Guard Riders Susan Arnold.

They've been asked by the Pennsylvania Chapter to attend the funeral of Police Sgt. Jack Snyder who died in a motorcycle accident off duty on Monday.

They're small in numbers now, but that won't last long.

"We have small group leaving here. We're picking up a group in Owego. We're picking a group from Elmira. There's a group from Ithaca," said Regional Ride Captain, PGR of NY Bill Camay, "And we'll also join up with Pennsylvania, so there will be quite a few motorcycles to escort the policeman."

These riders traveled more than 250 miles with one goal; to show their support.

"Once you see what it means to the family, that's all it takes. It's a feeling you can't describe," said Camay.

Something local authorities can respect. "If something ever happened to me, God forbid, I would like to have my family see the support from the law enforcement brothers and from the community and from the Patriot Guard and from everybody really," said Sgt. Thomas Williams of the Broome County Sheriff's Office.

In the end, riders say while it might not be easy, it's always worth it.

"At the cemetery, there's usually a few tears, even from the big guys. Dark glasses are a requirement. It's a matter of saying thank you. It's such a small thing compared to what this officer and our vets have done," said Arnold.