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Keep Kids Safe While Sharing the Road

By Fox 40 Staff.
As students head back to school, the Broome County Sheriff's Office is reminding everyone to make safety a priority while sharing the roads.

The Sheriff's office has issued more than 280 school zone tickets in the last five years with 150 recorded school bus passings.

Authorities say they would like to decrease future school zone driving violations by increasing safety precautions. Authorities ask drivers to leave at a suitable time, stay alert behind the wheel by avoiding distractions while driving, and slow down near bus stops and in school zones -- at all times.

"Feedback we get from the bus garages, a lot of them say that a majority of these incidents happen in bright, sunny, pretty days. And usually when it's foggy or it's kind of dark out is usually when drivers are a little bit more cautious. So be aware all the time, not just when it's foggy out or whatnot," said School Resource Officer Deputy Robert Stapleton.

Authorities also ask for pedestrians to practice safety by using sidewalks when available, walking towards oncoming traffic, looking multiple times before crossing and only crossing at a crosswalk.