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Getting Local School Buses to Pass Inspection?

By Alex Howard.
"New York State has very strict Standards on Student Transportation," said State Bus Safety Supervisor Jeff Corey.

Jeff Corey this knows better than most. he's personally inspected over a million buses.

"I look at our department as another set of eyes, we really work with the districts and operators as a team, we're all there to get the students to school safely, and part of our job is just oversight," said Corey.

For him and others at the New York State Department of Transportation, it's more than just another vehicle inspection. Next Wednesday, Corey will be sending his two kids on the bus for their first day of school.

"Every single bus that carries a child will be inspected 2 times a year, and that is above and beyond the federal mandate," said David Hamburg, Public Information Officer for Region 9 of the NYS Dept. of Transportation.

But despite those strict standards, kids and bus drivers are still at risk, so long as there are drivers like the one is this video, ignoring the stop signs on the busses.

"When a student gets off the bus and crosses the street we have them trained to look at our driver before they cross, so the driver will determine if its safe because you see drivers getting passed all the time," said Louis Castellucci, Johnson City Schools Director of Transportation.

A hazard that could be easily avoided if more drivers followed the rules of the road.

In Johnson City, Alex Howard for Fox 40 HD news.