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Urda: B-Mets here to stay

Since settling the lawsuit in late May regarding the future ownership of the Binghamton Mets, neither B-Mets President Mike Urda nor anyone from plaintiff Main Street Baseball has commented on the details of the settlement... until now. Friday morning, Urda joined WBNF's Roger Neel on the radio to discuss the future of baseball in Binghamton and, in short, the B-Mets aren't going anywhere.

Urda told Neel that the B-Mets will play baseball at NYSEG Stadium in 2017. The long standing rumor was that the B-Mets would definitely play in Binghamton in 2016 before new owners Main Street Baseball would move them to Wilmington, DE for the 2017 season, but Urda assured listeners and fans across the region today that wasn't the case. Not only will the B-Mets be here in 2017, Urda says, but beyond.

Here's a transcription of part of Neel's interview with Urda:

Urda: "It's extending indefinitely, I mean, 2017 was always in a lock for us. Basically we're looking forward to the future here. There is no contract on the club and we're excited about it."

Neel: "So the potential of any move has been taken off the table, so you're saying things are looking good? Baseball fans should not just plan for next year but keep on planning is that right?"

Urda: "I believe so, you have to enjoy what's here. You have to enjoy the success that's created in New York and we're all a part of that. These are the good days."

The B-Mets organization has a lease with the City of Binghamton for the use of NYSEG Stadium through 2021, however there is no stipulation requiring a team at the Double-A level or higher as previous leases had included. The New York Mets just recently extended the player affiliation agreement with the B-Mets through 2020, despite the current contract running through 2016.

Fox 40 will have continued coverage of this story as it develops.