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Efforts to Curb Erosion in Endicott Neighborhoods

A beautiful neighborhood of town-homes on Western Heights Blvd in Endicott ran the risk of losing property value. However, with help from a great deal of funding...local officials have stepped in to halt future damage.

This otherwise quiet neighborhood has had the whir of construction vehicles on its streets.

It is part of a multi-million dollar project to protect it from future flood damage.

Town of Union Supervisor Rose Sotak says, "This is part of our $10.1 million that we received for the disaster relief. At this point now, we are trying to be more preventative in the future with flooding and we're trying to protect people's properties."

Along the creek, 377 feet of stone set up to hold a creek from growing into nearby yards.

Sotak says, "as you can see, the stone starts about two to three feet
underneath the creek bed and it's built up. You can see you're talking eight to ten feet here in this area."

Who could forget the flooding issues in Endicott? It could have destroyed property values with certain Endicott home-owners. Perhaps that's one reason the pricetag seems to be worth it.

Sotak says,"the cost is about $91,000 and GMK has been awarded the bid."
For now the Western Heights Boulevard project is winding down.
Sotak says, "We're pretty much done here and we are doing and we're working on a lot of other projects within the town."

Residents are to feel safe, with more projects on the way to keep floods at bay.