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David: Webb Should be off BLDC. Webb: Say That Face-to-Face

By Fox 40 Staff.
Binghamton Mayor Rich David is calling for a member of City Council to be replaced on a city economic development group.

In a letter to Council President Bill Berg David claims Lea Webb has missed 16 of the last 19 meetings of the Binghamton Local Development Corporation, with her last appearance coming in august of 2014. The BLDC oversees low-interest loans to city businesses.

Berg says Webb's new job at Binghamton University prevents her from making the 10am meetings. He said he has spoken to Webb who has no problem being replaced. Both Webb and Berg wish David had spoken to Webb directly about the issue.

Councilwoman Webb said, "He believes in casting aspersions. If someone says something counter or even ask a question where we're trying to strike a balance between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch somehow that gets turned into, 'Now I must malign your character.'"

Mayor Rich David said, "Since I've been mayor she's attended three of nineteen meetings and she's missed 12 consecutive meetings. That's not being political, that's not a response to something else, that's just me saying you know what the tax payer deserve better."

Berg says City Council will take up the issue of replacing Webb on the BLDC at next Tuesday's work session.