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A Look At Local Crime in the Monday Crime Wrap

Music legend Kenny Rogers once sang, "you can't outrun the long arm of the law." Here's proof in tonight's crime wrap.

19-year-old Brian Palmer of Queens is in Broome County Jail for possessing a cloned credit card and making unlawful purchases with it at Oakdale Mall. He allegedly forged the card owner's signature and when police nabbed him, he was said to have used a false name.

A Johnson City woman and her partner from Pennsylvania have been arrested to possessing a debit card without permission and using the card to withdraw money from the victim's account. They face Identity Theft and Grand Larceny charges and these are felonies.

And...a 50-year-old Binghamton man is accused of third degree burglary after allegedly stealing beer from Wal-Mart in Johnson City. The man, Shawn Spry, had previously been banned from the Wal-Mart property.